Dr. Brook Bello


Brook Bello’s journey is compelling because it illustrates the truth about what can happen when a young girl is sexually violated and abused in the worst way. Her story helps people to understand the reality of trauma and the triumph in God!


As an inspirational speaker and minister addressing IDENTITY and SOUL HEALTH. Bello is also an actor, playwright and a filmmaker.

Dr Brook Bello
Dr Brook Bello


Heal from sexual abuse. The prophetic and deliverance ministry call on Ms. Bello’s life was recognized by her pastor, Dr. Beverly Bam Crawford, after watching Brook serve the ministry for many years. Her Doctorate in pastoral clinical counseling and temperance therapy is poweful. Learn more and go to Therapy Off The Grid  to learn about our healing from sexual abuse trips.



As founder and CEO of More Too Life  her team is at the forefront of Rescue, Victim Care, and Intervention, Training, Mentoring, and Demand Prevention. Her award winning copy written curriculum is now packaged for circulation with consulting!

About brook bello order this sought after educational living inside the rainbow & now its new workbook & study journal! plus new book ``shame undone`` coming soon! click shop to learn more. thanks!

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Living Inside The Rainbow: Winning The Battlefield of The Mind After Human Trafficking & Mental Bondage

Dr. Brook Bello ordained in 2012 by Dr. Beverly Bam Crawford, is a passionate writer and the author of four books including, the educational “Living Inside the Rainbow – Winning the Battlefield of the Mind.” The new “Living Inside the Rainbow Workbook & Study Journal” a new book coming out in January entitled,

Brook Bello


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Dr. Brook Bello
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